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Crosco, Integrated Drilling & Well Services Co., Ltd.

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Potpisano pismo namjere između Crosca i ADRIATIC Investment Co. Ltd / CROSCO and ADRIATIC Investment Co. Ltd signed the Letter of Intent

Potpisano pismo namjere između Crosca i ADRIATIC Investment Co. Ltd

Dana 20. kolovoza 2015. godine potpisano je pismo namjere između Crosca i kompanije ADRIATIC Investment Co. Ltd, iz Sudana. Ovim pismom, od obostranog interesa za CROSCO i ADRIATIC Investment Co. Ltd,  napravljen je prvi korak prema dobroj međunarodnoj suradnji i razvoju poslovnih mogućnosti u Republici Sudan, Afrika.


CROSCO and ADRIATIC Investment Co. Ltd signed the Letter of Intent

A Letter of Intent was signed on 20th of August, 2015 between CROSCO and ADRIATIC Investment Co. Ltd, from Sudan.  With this LOI, of mutual interest for both sides, CROSCO shows its readiness to develop its business opportunity and make good cooperation with Republic of Sudan, Africa.


Potpisan ugovor o izvođenju rudarskih radova s PSP d.o.o. / CROSCO has signed oilfield services contract with PSP d.o.o.

Potpisan ugovor o izvođenju rudarskih radova s PSP d.o.o. 

Ugovor o izvođenju rudarskih radova potpisan je 23. srpnja 2015. godine između Crosca i kompanije Podzemno skladište plina d.o.o. (PSP d.o.o.). Ugovoreni radovi odnose se na radove remonta postrojenjima nosivosti 85 tona i 100 tona, ispitivanje bušotina, savitljivi tubing i tekući dušik, cementaciju i stimulaciju, elektrokarotažna mjerenja, radove s radnim bušotinskim fluidima, specijalne rudarske radove kako su definirani pravilima struke, radove vezane uz popravak (servis) rudarske opreme te ostale usluge koje može pružiti CROSCO na zahtjev PSP-a pod ugovorenim uvjetima. Predviđeno trajanje ugovora na lokaciji Okoli je do 31. svibnja 2017. godine.

CROSCO has signed oilfield services contract with PSP d.o.o.

CROSCO has signed the oilfield services contract with Podzemno skladište plina d.o.o. (PSP d.o.o.) on July 23, 2015. The contracted works are related to: workover services with 85 and 100 tons capacity rigs, well testing, coil tubing and nitrogen, cementing and stimulation, well logging, working with oil well fluids, special oilfield operations, works related to regular maintenance and emergency repairs of oilfield equipment and other services that CROSCO provides on the PSP request and under agreed terms. The expected duration of the contract on Okoli location is until May 31, 2017.


Potpisan ugovor između Crosca i GEOEN d.o.o. za izvođenje radova / Contract signed between CROSCO and GEOEN d.o.o

Potpisan ugovor između Crosca i GEOEN d.o.o. za izvođenje radova

CROSCO, Naftni servisi d.o.o. i  GEOEN d.o.o. potpisali su ugovor 29. travnja 2015. godine za izvođenje remontnih radova i bušotinskih servisa u Velikoj Cigleni  za bušotine VC-1 i VC-1A. Radovi će se obavljali remontnim postrojenjem Cardwell-8 u predviđenom trajanju od oko tri mjeseca. Navedeni radovi su prvi dio velikog geotermalnog projekta koji je financiran od strane MB Holding iz Turske kao većinskog inozemnog partnera društva GEOEN d.o.o. te tuzemnog partnera društva GEOTERMAL SOLUTIONS d.o.o.
U srijedu 13. svibnja 2015. svečano je obilježen početak radova u Velikoj Cigleni.

Contract signed between CROSCO and GEOEN d.o.o.

CROSCO Integrated Drilling & Well Services Co. Ltd. is pleased to announce signing of the contract between CROSCO and GEOEN d.o.o. for workover and well services operations on VC-1 i VC-1A wells in Velika Ciglena, Croatia. The contract has been signed on April 29th, 2015. Operations are being conducted using workover rig Cardwell-8 and the expected duration of the works is three (3) months.
These operations are part of a large geothermal project which is being fully funded by Turkish company MB Holding, major foreign partner of GEOEN d.o.o. and Croatian partner of the company GEOTERMAL SOLUTIONS d.o.o.“
Works officially started on Wednesday, May 13th, 2015, in Velika Ciglena.