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Crosco, Integrated Drilling & Well Services Co., Ltd.

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CROSCO objavljuje prodaju dugotrajne materijalne imovine/CROSCO announces selling of tangible fixed assets

Uslijed zamjene opreme na bušaćoj platformi Labin, CROSCO objavljuje prodaju dugotrajne materijalne imovine

CROSCO, Naftni servisi d.o.o. prodaje dugotrajnu materijalnu imovinu.

Čamac za spašavanje, potpuno zatvoren, Montmontaža Greben, tip:VOČ 40,     

L=9m, 2 komada 


Navedena dugotrajna imovina je u brodogradilištu Uljanik, Flaciusova 1, p.p. 114, 52100 Pula.
Kontakt osoba za pregled imovine je Damir Gregurić 099 277 7823, a imovina se može vidjeti u periodu od 23-29.03.2015. Ponude za kupnju imovine treba poslati do 01.04.2015.
Za sve dodatne informacije o prodaji kontaktirati na CROSCO, Naftni servisi d.o.o., Sektor za Investicije i razvoj, Dinko Mihanović, mob: 098 277 231, e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Due to replacement of equipment on jackup drilling rig Labin, CROSCO announces selling of tangible fixed assets

CROSCO, Integrated Drilling & Well Services Ltd. sells tangible fixed assets.

Lifeboat, completely sealed, Montmontaža Greben, type: VOC 40, L = 9m, 2 pcs 

The above tangible fixed assets are located in the shipyard Uljanik, Flaciusova 1, pp 114, 52100 Pula.
The contact person for the checkup of assets is Damir Gregurić 099 277 7823 and assets can be seen in the period from 23-29.03.2015. Bids for purchase of assets should be sent until 01.04.2015.
For any additional information on the sale contact CROSCO, Integrated Drilling & Well Services Ltd., Investment & Development Sector, Dinko Mihanović mob: 098 277 231, e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .




Crosco successfully participated at AOG Adriatic Oil and Gas Summit

Crosco participated as a bronze sponsor of the “AOG Adriatic Oil and Gas Summit”, the event organized by the Global Event Partners, that gathered ministries and government departments from the region, international and local investors who showcased the opportunities available throughout the region with special highlight on Montenegro, Croatia and Albania.
The Summit was focused on the trends, challenges and opportunities in the region and it took place on March 10th to 11th in Budva, Montenegro for the first time.
Crosco’s participation at the AOG Adriatic Oil and Gas Summit was part of the company´s strategic activities to reinforce its regional leadership as a service company. Mr. Dragutin Domitrović, Company’s director, participated at the event as a speaker, presenting Crosco’s development as Croatian and regional oilfield service company.
CROSCO's booth featured drilling and well services that are being provided by Company’s fleet. Valuable contacts with potential partners and customers were made during the event.


Memorandum of Understanding between Halliburton and CROSCO

MOUCROSCO, Integrated Drilling & Well Services Co., Ltd. has signed Memorandum of Understanding with Halliburton Company Germany (GmbH)  representatives in Zagreb, Croatia, on February, 6th 2015, for jointly exploration and investigation of deploying suitable technologies and best practices  through collaboration in Balkans and Middle East.The scope of strategic relationship will be delineated by way of Halliburton and CROSCO identifying the various technologies, best practices, products and services that Halliburton or any of its Affiliates along with CROSCO line of services will deploy to the market place in mentioned areas. The Memorandum is concluded for the period until December 31st 2016.